Joints, ligaments, tendons

Cemio KAMZÍK® Contains collagens with a trademark NC, which indicates a top-notch, so-called. Undenatured collagen in its natural form of triple Trojšroubovice. This makes it different from all other collagen products on the market. It is made in Switzerland in a reputable pharmaceutical factory, which has a highly gentle method for processing native collagen into the final form of capsules.


Prostate, potency, vitality

Product formulation Cemio RED3® Developed in Switzerland based on current Scientific studies *that have shown that the prostate gland is closely related to male potency and the overall vitality of the organism. The product base consists of a trio of unique clinically proven substances whose effectiveness is suitably developed by other herbal extracts that have a Millennium tradition in the field of support for men’s health. Therefore, they are often part of the recipes of global medicine. The components of the preparation are then processed by maximum functional technologies into the final form of the capsules

Measuring technology

Cemio Metric 308 SMART

It is used to measure body temperature by infrared radiation. To quickly and accurately measure body temperature in one second, just close the probe to the his forehead at a distance of 5-8 cm and press the button. It is an invaluable tool for measuring temperature especially in small children. The large backlit LCD display ensures easy readability of the measured value even during an undisturbed night’s sleep of your child.